Bird, Wind, Box

September 2017


The Burning Hours

December 2016

Untitled drawing 2011-2015

Going to Water


Us Lucky Observers Other People Shamsa Alabaster Man Man on Fire Here We Are Babes and Fools FloggingReading the Bird EntrailsThe Paper PlayExorcism
LifeThe Serpent and the SeaHolyman Morality Play

The Covered HoursThe Albino HoursThe Hazing HoursThe Apple Creeper HoursThe Bending Hours


Maybe the People

June 2015

Maybe the PeoplePlumes, Arrows The Stoning Diptych Soft Cheeks WoebegoneThe Ones Behind This


Nais Tambu Pepa Piksas

November 2014

Alabaster Man Holyman Babes and Fools
Morality Play Life The Serpent and the Sea


Melbourne Art Fair 2014 (Darren Knight Gallery)

August 2014

Exorcism FloggingReading the Bird Entrails The Paper Play


Where Do I End And You Begin (City Art Centre, Edinburgh)

July 2014

Adoration of the Lucie Ries Honeymoon Men At Pool Man Renouncing His ShirtThe Day Spa Topless ProtestOdalisques Rioters Porcelain PaintersFighting Boys Triptych DrunksGown and Glove


Last Song in Silence

July 2013

Couple In Bed With Books Girls And Old Men Fools EndHalf Bloom Lift Twiglet Epiphany Last Song In Silence Handsome PaddlersMan At Table Still Life Murmuring


Gander Moon

February 2013

Best Mirror Pillow Fighters Gander Mooners The Straw Man Preening at Tub
Sunbathers and Bruisers Salad DaysThe Law of the Few The Spirit Stick The Pale CeremonyCockfighters Triptych



August 2012

Balloon Face Family at Dawn Bedroom Scene With DogMen At Pool The Conjurer MotherhoodTucked In


Melbourne Art Fair 2012 (Brett McDowell Gallery)

August 2012

Daughters Drunks DrunkardsRioters The Bridge Rioters 2 Woman Among Potted Plants


All Things To All Men

February 2012

Adoration of the Lucie Ries Best Quality Antique NudesFighting Boys Triptych

Honeymoon Goodbye To All That It Is Hard To LiveMan Renouncing His Shirt Nude With Eyes Open

Nude With AshtrayNude With Rubbish Sack Omens OdalisquesPieta Red Cheek Quiet LifeShadow Puppets Still Life The Assembly
Sleeping with Lobsters The Dance After Matisse The BathersThe Gatherers The Mock Meeting The HandfastersThe Thinking Towel White Knuckle Boys The Throat of Summer



Tender Paintings

February 2011

Three Figures and Lamp Lovers with Blue Cloth Embracing Couple with BananaIntimate Scene with Shoelace Intimate Couple and Paper Entwined CoupleDistracted Kneeling Lover Lovers with Blue Ceramic Lovers with Legs Splayed


Pimp Squeaks

October 2010

Bottle Screw Perch Leg Avenue Squared-Off-MuzzleShirt Tall Stomp Turnbunkle Squat Pimp SqueaksWorkmens Stack Tall Stomp Pink SlipsShort Squat


Untitled (Power Men)

June 2010

Calm Tight Bevy Vision with Dart Pat-a-Cake AssemblyHalf Egyptian Cloddle Chalk Huddle Bears Paw ParcelPony Shuffle


The Warblers

March 2010

Major Warble Minor Warble Middle Warble Top WarbleLow Warble


Modern Semaphore

November 2009

Pinched End Motion Tight Line Tuck Pressed Half PikeProud High V Blind Elevator Stretch L MotionFull Continental ExtensionMixed Arm SlantWind StackPressed Open Hook Four Piece Kick Half Radial Crouch


Hungry Ghosts

August 2009

Hungry Ghost with Chaekkori Boxes Hungry Ghost with a Chaekkori Rug Female Hungry Ghost with Dragonfly JarHungry Ghost & Spotted Leopard Knickers Hungry Ghost Comforting Pink Lady, 8th June Hungry Ghost with Sprig and Celadon Chamber PotHungry Ghost on Diagonal with Puchong Ware Hungry Ghost with Chaekkori Style Watermelon Hungry Ghost 2nd JuneHungry Ghost and Tiger Slippers



October 2008

Six Figures on Vertical Axis Five Figures on Uniformity Sloping Gradient Paired GestureBack Layout with Burst Gizzards Sloping Warble Rotation PrayerForward Fold Trigonal Layout Cluster PrayerFlank Prayer Triple Spread Crane PositionSquatter Prayer


Slump Series

August 2007

Potato Chips Slump Bog Men Cul-de-sac
Mummies Mother and Sons Coffin Boat Couple in Line Fetish Pile Green Corpse Mountain Pyre Body Mound