Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours

Kushana Bush: The Burning Hours is a beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated publication that complements the exhibition of the same name.

All Things To All Men

Thirty-one intricately painted gouaches created during Bush’s year as the 2011 Frances Hodgkins Fellow.



Empire in Flames: Kushana Bush on Crucifixions, Circumcisions and Black Magic

Shown at City Gallery Wellington alongside work by Grayson Perry in 2015. Kushana Bush’s paintings are delicate, tragicomic, and surreal. Megan Dunn spoke to the neatnik painter, who says she gets her kicks from art history and babysitting.

Observing Rituals

Kushana Bush is a Dunedin-based artist, whose meticulously detailed and stage-like worlds blend religious themes with secular narratives, often manifesting in ritualistic violence. Her paintings examine what spirituality, ritual and community might mean in a contemporary world. She spoke with Balamohan Shingade of ST PAUL St Gallery in February 2017.